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In memory of those who have hopped to the other side.....

 us photos of your rabbit and other small and furries and we will post them here.

A Wonderful Way to Remember Your Pet
Always in My Heart
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This is a picture of our "Chocolate Chip". Sadly it was time for him to leave us. We were so very lucky to have him in our family for 13 years. All of us miss him everyday, even our dogs, Bernie and little Oliver, who found Chocolate Chip so fascinating. Hop away Chocolate Chip, you are loved! Oreo - You will always be my baby bunny. You were such a good bunny. I will miss you dearly Coco-I can't say anything that can express how much I miss my Co-Man.  Words will never be enough.  I loved him far too much, and he loved me back just as much. In fact, Coco loved his whole human family. Kim Scharf
Sheila and Caboose
Caboose was the sweetest, most loving rabbit I've ever known. He was so quirky and hilarious, and would come when I called him. He would give me kisses, and put his head on my legs when I sat cross-legged on the floor a lot. He also preferred that I actually hold his chin in one hand while I petted him, which quite hilarious. I loved this little guy so much, and my heart is really working overtime to mend right now.
Sheila was his mostly quiet counterpart, and I loved her so much. She would sit in the window of her cottontail cottage and stare out at me, as if she was lounging on a porch. I remember one time when out of nowhere, she burrowed underneath her bunny bed and peered up at me with such excitement, it was as if she was giggling! She was one of the most beautiful rabbits I've ever seen too, and I understood why Caboose chose her, because they made a beautiful couple! Thank you for giving me these two lovely buns. I live in Savannah, Georgia now, with my three other bunnies. Athena, Tux and Cinnamon...but these two Caboose and Sheila, they were my first pair, and closest to my heart. Bonnie Bozell
This is my sweet little boy, Chuy. He passed away on 5/28/2010 at 5 years old, and I miss him so much Ė my place is too quiet without him.
He was going through a really tough time with his teeth, he was on his third trimming when the left side of his teeth popped out, resulting in a fractured jaw and it was a little too much to bounce back from, though I tried everything I could. Iím just glad he is at peace now and resting pain-free. Iíll see you on the other side, buddy. I love you!
Funky-Funky Buns was the coolest guy. Mellow, laid back, he always seemed old even  when he was young.  He was going to be euthanized at a shelter and we scooped him up and saved his cute little self. Here he is with his brown girlfriend Star.  She still has not gotten over the loss of him. Everyone loved Funky and so did I. Kim Scharf

~ You are such a sweet and lovely friend! I miss your nonstop licking, your long ears and your big feet!! I believe you are in Rainbow Bridge with other bunnies now. Thank you for being my 1st pet and sorry I can't be your mom anymore. I will always miss you & love you~ Hedy C. 3/25/2011

Emmaline, Emmi, You cute little brown girl.  I ended up loving you so very much.  I miss you and wish I had had more time with you.  Blackout misses you too. Kim and Everlee

- You will always be my baby bunny. You were such a good bunny. I will miss you dearly. Quan


~ you were simply the BEST bunny boy ever. Your sweet nature, gentle spirit and comical antics brought me so much joy and comfort during the nine years you were in my life.  I will never forget what it felt like to bury my face in your soft fur and receive of a flurry of bunny kisses in return. I love you and miss you so much. You will be forever in my heart.  Maria

passed away today  April 3rd when I took her to the ER and she didn't make it. She must have been in so much pain, I wish I could have done so much more for her.  she was so young. Only 3 years old. For the short time she was with me she always greeted me begging for food and brought me so much joy. My grandmother who passed away recently even made a patch of her garden veggies just for Shelbie. Our guinea pig will also miss her very much and has been looking for her ever since I separated them when she was sick. She was my first rabbit and she had taught me so much. I miss her so much already.

-I Miss Those Big Ears and handsome face....you really turned into a loving boy the last years of your life.   Kim
Violet I will always love you and miss you everyday. I am so sorry our time was so short. Always in my heart, Caroline


Lily, you old feisty girl.  So glad I had you as long as I did.  I miss you. Kim Yesterday our beloved Belinda bunny joined the angels.  She has been with us the past eight years, since we adopted her from the bunny bunch rescue.  She had given us so much joy and happiness over the years and she will be our forever Bunny Queen!  with broken hearts, sincerely
The Woods Family

Baileyy, who left me too soon, my very first bunny who made me come to love bunnies like I do.
Kim Scharf Beutlich, CA

Bugzzy, you were my best friend. we found you when i was very young and im sorry to see you go from cancer like this, but im glad to know that you are not suffering. you ment everything to me, and i will dearly miss you, but i know that your safe, happy, and will never be in pain. i love you with all my heart, and i cant wait to hold you in my arms once again. with much love, your mother,
Brittany Poloni, CA

I lost my gorgeous handsome boy Sambo on July 20, 2002. He will be forever in my heart and my life because my love for him will never die. It lives on in me.
Jenna Schissler and always Sambo

In memory of Flaps, April 2002
Anne, Flaps mom
"Buster you made my life complete, you were my angel! it was so hard to see you suffer like that, but now i know that you are in the best place in the world, with no pain whatsoever! i love you with all my heart, and we will reunite with you again!"

(Buster was a beautiful brown rabbit who lived for 8 years)

Brittany Poloni, CA


was an abandoned bunny whom I took into my home to Foster her until there was room at the shelter. She had some medical issues, cuterebra larvae, and some trust issues to work on so I kept her as a foster in my house. Despite everything she went through Spirit was so kind and gentle. It didn't take long before I realized I couldn't let her go. Besides what's 3 bunnies anyway? After the adoption I scheduled her spay surgery as any responsible bunny person would. There was nothing to take out the vet discovered after they opened her up. If only her previous human had tattooed her she wouldn't have had to go thru the trauma of a surgery. Spirit never really recovered from the trauma of surgery. Despite all the injections, Sub Q fluids, oral; meds, feedings, vet visits and most of all unconditional love Spirit left me during the afternoon of 20th Nov 03. Thank you for coming into my life albeit far to short of a time. I love you and miss you so much. Rex is at the bridge with you and until we see each other again.
Kelly, Pook, Rusty, Peek, Rika, Peter, Rudy

Dawn & Michael Roznowski

Cloie is deeply missed by her family especially missed by her best bunny friend, Charlie. Cloie so sweet and innocent we love you very much and we know that the angels took you to a special place called Rainbow Bridge.

Charlie and family


This is Puddles, she was the best bunny in the world. She gave me 7 of the most wonderful years ever. My heart is broken, but I know I will see her again over the rainbow bridge... I miss my puddles! Mary

Lucky, "I want to thank you, for giving me the best days of my life". Know that you are tucked away in my heart where you will stay forever.

Jenna Schissler and always my Lucky princess

Brett "You are my heart, and always will be. I will miss your sweet face."

Kim, CA

My Mopsy piggie (tri color) went to the Rainbow Bridge in March. His friend Joey followed him in November, 2002.

Jenna Schissler
In loving memory of "Footsie" I miss you so much. I love you. I want to
thank you for the wonderful memories you have brought into my life. I
will meet you at the bridge someday. You have impacted so many of us. I
miss you extremely. You were my best friend and mean the world to me.
Love, Mom (Shannon Smith)

was 6 months old when he died from Myxomatosis.He was my little sweet little bunny.He died October 1st 2002 and was born March 31st 2002.He was my little Easter Bunny.Now he is up at the Rainbow Bridge with Silky.He left his sister Spice and I behind.I miss my little Mr. Sugar.
Missed and Loved by:
~*Jillian and Spice*~

"My two babies, Daisy Mae and Bunny, passed away in September, within 5 days of each other. I miss my little carpet dwellers, their binkies. I miss treat time, and I miss the sound of them galloping full tilt in the living room. I even their messes. I hope some day we will meet and snuggle again."

was an absolute sweetheart who left me way too soon on Aug 31, 2003 of an unknown ailment. He taught me how to turn the other cheek when his teenage hormones got the best of him but most of all he taught me how to love the Mini-Rex breed. His intended mate Peter, (I named her before the vet visit), misses him too but not as much as his Human Mommy, Slave, Food Lady. "When you died I was not there to hold you. If I had only known that kiss/snuggle would be our last on earth. I miss you my little man and think about you all the time. You may be gone from this earth but never from my heart. I will see you at the bridge someday."Kelly, Peter girl, Pook, Peek, Rusty and Rika
In 1997, (shortly after Easter) We were startled by a curious ball of fur at our front door. Aggie (known as Agro before we knew the sex) apparently was abandoned and in need of some TLC. Carmen was ready to accommodate the 2-tone bun, that would through the years also be lovingly called, "Agroba", "Silly" and "Goose". We suspect she was a year or two old that morning, and already very fond of Carmen. We looked for an owner to no avail, and decided to keep her. She was a big motivation in buying our first house, and claimed the side yard and utility porch as her territory. Many hours went into trying to figure out what to feed her, and where we could find resources. 7 years, and many precious memories later, Aggie returned to the earth after a week long battle with an apparent GI infection. The vets tried several things over the week, but could not get the bloat to shrink. She had a seizure, probably due to stress on the way home from the vet on the last trip.

We will always remember her "Happy Dance", "dust baths" and the "circling around our ankles" when we came home. She is deeply missed, but will forever remain a precious part of our lives.


Our little Harley was rescued from Pearson park in March of 2004. She was a tiny little bun...maybe 3 weeks old. She shared our lives for 4 1/2 months and in that short time, she entered our hearts. She had such sweet eyes and a spirit in her walk. Unfortunately, she got a jaw abscess and we were hoping for the best after she had surgery. Within 3 weeks, the abscess came back and we had to make the heart wrenching decision to let her go be with the other buns over the rainbow bridge. She was only 2 1/2 pounds when she passed but she gave us 2 1/2 tons of love.
She passed away July 30, 2004 and it already seems like an eternity. We
will miss her greatly and are very happy were were able to be her momma
and poppa for the majority of her short 5 month life. We love you and you are in our hearts forever!
Carrie & Phil &
Quinn, Cubby, Peanut, Angel, Cracker Jack, Buc, Pepper, Annabelle,
Goldie, & Brownie

Herbie (sweet brown bun above) was a very special gift, as each and everybun or furchild is. But the bond one gets with a special needs furchild is beyond what words can describe or express. It's a priceless bond that I've experienced quite a few times now.

I adopted Herbie on his one year birthday, June 30, 2001. When I first saw Herbie it was at one of our adoption events. A gal that had been doing rescue on her own starting working with The Bunny Bunch to adopt out the buns she had rescued. She brought darling Herbie to one of our adoptions days and I fell in love with him at first sight, as did others. People would literally stop in their tracks and were in awe over him. I even called my husband, Marc, to come and see him and he came over right away, which totally surprised me. Herbie was a stunningly handsome brown Flemish Giant and when Marc saw Herbie, instead of saying no way, you can't have him, he said, where would you put him. He was right, I really couldn't think of a place for him at the time.

Several months passed when my boss handed me the newspaper and said I thought you would like this, and it was a pic of Herbie in the newspaper. I took it home and said to Marc, look it's Herbie. He said why don't you adopt him (although he claims he never said that LOL) well, that's all he had to say and I was on the phone. Of course, I thought of a spot to put Herbie very quickly.

But one thing I noticed when I went to adopt Herbie and bring him home was that his third eyelid was now exposed (it wasn't like that when I first saw him). When I questioned it, the gal that was fostering him said he had been to the vet several times about that eye, but I still wanted him. When I got him home and started feeling around I felt a lump pressing up against his eye. From that point on, and without going into too much detail, it was pretty much down hill with Herbie. We both have been to hell and back in our 2 years together and it has taken a toll on me. He was my gentle giant, my rock with an incredible will to live. We fought hard together but it was time, as painful as it is.

It's amazing how a room with 7 buns and 1 piggie can feel so empty. That's what it feels like to me right now, but I have felt this emptiness many times. I know time will mend my shattered heart, it always does, but you never stop loving them. Love never dies.

Before going to work this morning I was sitting in Herbie's area. I was feeling so lost and down when all of a sudden I felt a nudge on my butt. I thought for sure it was either Stuart my piggie, Topper or Brighten and I quickly looked behind me. Stuart was lying in the litterbox, Brighten and Topper were about 8 feet away from me lying down. Of course, Marc thinks my butt has a spasm or twitch, but I know it was a nudge from my newest angel saying I'm here and I'll always be with you.

God speed my precious bunny boy. I know you are soaring with the angels and are now with Sambo, the bunny you took so good care of when he was ill and dying. I'll never forget how you comforted my beautful Sambo when he needed comforting. I guess it's true that the big black rabbit came to get you (my Sam was jet black). Love them, adore them and cherish the ground they hop on.

Jenna and forever Herbie and all my precious loves of my life, past
and present

For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing her, little Jackson brought a special light into our lives. She was a great companion, a sweet and loving little bunny. Jackson passed away on Friday and is in bunny heaven now. Though I miss her greatly, I count my blessings that I got to be with her for three years. She was the best! Heather
The most beautiful Rose. I had you for such a short time. Zyzyx misses you, and we do too. Kim-2009

On August 22, 2008, we had to help him cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. It was a very difficult decision but he was too sick and tired to go on. For the past few months, you and the volunteers at the Burrows have provided us tremendous help and for which we are eternally grateful.

I miss and love you, big guy.



Our beautiful boy BABIEZ sadly passed away!! He was the most active bunny we have had!! We had him for over 3 years!! He would play with his lil; brothers a terrier mix dog (Tobys) and a gold and white cat (Kitty). Even though they were all diff. species they all got along and play!!!! They had love within each other!!
please post this memorial!!

The Berganza Family
Skillet, you were my little one, my baby, my little light of Love and Hope living in the darkness of my closet. Hiding from the cruelty of the world and saving me from my own. In the little time I had you, you brought peace to my heart and calmed my soul. You made my home life bearable and helped me cope with day to day troubles and anxieties. I cry for you and long for you every day, from the moment I wake and no not see you looking up at me to when I am not able to kiss you good night and go to sleep only to have you wake me five times during the silence. I feel empty and lost without you. you brought me happiness no man could ever bring me. I helped you grow, watched you learn, and was beside you as you discovered your world with excitement. I rescued you through every adventure you created and nursed you back to health when you were sick. it breaks my heart knowing Mommy couldn't be there for you when needed help the most and I will beat myself up for that until I can watch you run around again. I loved you more than I knew. you are irreplaceable and I will always love you. We found each other and I am sorry our time was short. I hope I made you happy.Mommy misses you. My baby, my light, my little one. My Skillet. Judy "in memory of Bunny who passed
away on 2-9-04. He was only 3 years old. He went too soon. He is sadly missed by all. He was the 1st rabbit we ever had. He was loved very much."
The Samu family

Good old Mr. Bones. You had a kind heart and you will be missed.

We sadly had to say goodbye to our sweet little bunny boy, Thumper on Saturday. We will miss him terribly. He was just 3 months shy of his 13th birthday. February 22, 1997 – November 14, 2009 Linda Knorr

Hunka Munka-98-08. You will ALWAYS be my king bunny. I love you. I miss you so much.

Kim Scharf
We just lost our piggie Sammy from pneumonia on July 6, 2008. He is deeply missed and we're still in shock. I find comfort knowing he is a happy, fat piggie with all his piggie friends as he crossed the rainbow bridge. His "brothers" Tony, Gary and Joey miss him too.
Kimberly and Madison

In memory of my first rabbit; Rorschach (Rory) Morgan. Rory, from the moment that I decided to foster (adopt!) you, to the moment you passed from my life in my arms, you brought me such joy. You will be missed, I loved you my sweet boy. Rory is survived by his lady friends Angel and Peach's, his adopted brothers Hot Shot and Smokey, his sister, Jessica, his cat Oreo, his bird, Sticky and his best friend Max

I was so distraught after the loss of my Flemish Giant "Hippy" that I made a video and posted it on YouTube. I loved him so much and in his short lifetime he was my savior. Please view Hippy's video on YouTube Flemish Giant Hippy. Over 2,500 people have viewed him in the last 6 mo, I had no idea the response would be so great. He will always be larger than life. Caroline

On June 25, 2008, Bunny passed away. Even though she stayed with me for a week, she will stay in my heart for a lifetime. I Love You, Bunny

Cutie Bug
was my special girl. I loved her soooo much and she will always be a part of me, I’ll never forget her. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want to thank you for doing what you do for these animals. If it weren’t for you Cutie Bug would’ve never come into my life. I am so grateful for the time I had with her, as short as it was, and I hope I was able to make her last few years the best that they could be. I will miss her more than words can express.

Meg Kirkeby
Gandalf was a big gray grumpy rabbit. We thought she was a boy that's why we named her after our favorite book wizard, but she turned out to be a shy snorty bunny who loved hiding behind the bathroom toilet. She died last February 16, 2007. She made us oh so happy for five years. We will never forget her.

Alice is a baby rabbit. The pet shop said she was two months old. She was sunshine and sparkle and charm and love all in one soft bundle. She had the most beautiful pair of blue eyes that stood out against her snow white fur. She died today December 15, 2007, and though we knew her for such a short time, we will always love her.

Frances and Vince Sales
Manila, Philippines

August 2003 to November 22nd 2008. Brownie, I miss you and I love you so much. I am so so sorry to lose you. I promise to help rescue bunnies in memory and honor of you. Brownie, you are my gentle rabbit, you are pure good. The first time I saw you, I fell in love with you. I know I will see you again someday, I can't wait to be with you again.
Christine Chiu

We tragically lost Cupcake 12/6/07. She was a sweet girl and would have had her 2 year birthday next month. We miss her so very much and pray for her bunny soul.
Lilo, our precious little bunny boy who left us too soon. We will always love that beautiful face and darling personality. We will always love you and cherish the time we spent together.
With love always,
Priya, Ram, Laksh, Mommy, and Daddy

POOPER (02Sep 03 - 04 Jan 05)
In Loving Memory of my best friend and faithful companion, Pooper. You
gave me the best time of my life. Thank you for the 16 months we had
together,life will never be the same without you. I miss your antics, and your begging for raisins. I know I will see you again, & we will be together
Love, Dave
We just lost our baby dwarf rabbit, appropriately named Mr. Bundles,
this last weekend. We named him that because he was a bundle of love, a bundle of joy and a bundle of laughs everyday that we had him. We were blessed to have him almost 45 days. In those days he touched and changed our lives forever. Right before he passed away he looked at me and asked me to make it all better and make the pain and confusion go away. You are all better now Mr. Bundles. You are in bunny heaven licking
someone's hand or face. We miss you dearly our baby Bundles.

Rosa, Ralph, Tori, Janai, Cristian and Hersheys.


We lost our Midnight on July 17, 2008. She was our little girl for over five years.Midnight suffered a heat attack and died in my arms on the way to the vet.At my age of 59 you would think I could control myself but Midnight was more then a Bunny. She brought me so much happiness I could never find again. Midnight and I had talks every night about her times as a small bunny and how much fun she was to try to catch. I swear sometimes she knew exactly what I was saying. I am crying now as I write this to express my love and pray that someday I will see her again.Caroline, took care if Midnight as a young bunny and when we moved from California to Virginia we used Caroline's expertise to help us through some hard times with some sicknesses Midnight developed, But this one was too much for anyone.I miss her more then anyone can imagine. Midnight was cremated and is in my home office along with my favorite pictures of her. I still speak to her every night as I did when she was alive. My wife tells me I wake up calling her name in my sleep.I have lost other animals in my life but that touched me so humanly as my Midnight.Midnight, daddy misses you and will forever.Goodnight my little girl.

Lou Abbruzze

This dedication is to my special one and dear best-friend named Buttercup. You truly were an angel, who made my life complete. You helped me through my diagnosis of MS, all my hospital visits, and chemo visits. You still loved me unconditionally. You were my rock. I got you when you were just a few months old and had you, until you were 6 years old. Unfortunately the vet mis-diagnosed you, and told me you had ear infections. When it was just the beginning stages of paralysis (since you had head tilt), I did every possible thing I could do for you. Please wait for me on the rainbow bridge in heaven, as I will be counting the days until I'm with you and Sophie (my dog that passed away last yr at 20 yrs old). You are forever in my heart and soul.

left me suddenly an unexpectedly on the night of 27 March 2006 as I was rushing him to the Vet. He had been thru a bad bout of stasis three weeks before but was right as rain that morning when I left for work. When I got home from work I rushed him to the vet for meds and he seemed to be doing ok when we left. His condition deteriorated rapidly and I was rushing him to the emergency clinic when he died in my arms with my tears streaming down on him. Rudy left behind his bonded mate Jelly Bean, his Mom Kelly and the rest of the zoo. I miss you my little man and would give almost anything to have you here with me. I know you are now pain free and at the bridge with Peter. Will miss you forever and always until we meet again.

Kelly, Jelly Bean and the Zoo
My baby Wooly...
My baby Wooly you were the sugar in my tea...
My baby Wooly you meant the world to me...
One day when i came home...
And looked Where you used to roam...
All i saw was a bowl of food...
Then i turned in a sad mood...
I asked where has Wooly gone?
My mum said "im afraid she's moved on''
I stood there about to cry...
I just wondered why...
Why did god make them Die...
Now i knew i was on my own...
And forever feel really thrown...
You will ALWAYS be in my heart wooly ill ALWAYS cry
More than ever for i never said bye..............
Lots of warm wishes and cuddles from your previous owner mohamed
It's been almost 2 months since I lost Rex and I still miss him everyday. The new guy in the house, Rudy, is very special as is Peter. They are all unique individuals and loved equally. It's incredible how much you can love a creature even though you have only had them a short time. I only had Rex from Jan-Aug this year and it was so hard when he went. When he was so sick in May and I thought I might lose him I was devastated at the impending loss then let alone 4 months later when I actually did lose him! Despite everything that happened I was so blessed to have him a part of my life I wouldn't change it for the world. I look at your website often sometimes though tears sometimes not.
Adopted February 14th, 2002
Died January 5th, 2005

Im so....deeply blessed for every single minute you were in my life.
With no boundaries but the walls of our home, you blossomed from a bunny who was not sure how to hop...to a free spirited sassy girl excited about every moment.

Tumbleweed was like a brush that painted my life with every color of the rainbow. I will love you until my last breath on this earth and we meet again. I will share your story of a misunderstood caged rabbit to a loving , funny, fully developed cage free indoor house companion.

This girl loved LIFE! Thank you for trusting me with yours. I will see you again...in Neverland my sweet angel.

Survived by
Brother Bear ( the cat you loved to chase)
Brother Bandit (the bunny you simply loved) and your Human guardian
I love you

Tumbleweed died from heart failure sudden and quick at 5pm as she was
finishing up her favorite meal.
The doctor said from old age...........she was in my lap when she passed.
John T.

I lost my baby Fluffy June 23, 2004. In the 3 years of her young life she was my heart. Fluffy had her own unique personality and always won the hearts of anyone who had the pleasure of meeting her. I will miss her snuggling up to me in bed, watching movies, her fiestiness, being nosey when ever someone was at the front door, how she charmed her human grandma to not be afraid of animals anymore, the sound of her little paws when she ran around at night, and Timmy misses the little secrets she told her when they both thought I wasn't looking. Fluffy you won all of our hearts and became part of our family. I hope you weren't in any pain before you passed but I know your spirit is free now. Fluffy you will always be in my heart and a source of my happiness. Thank you to Dr. Michele Kim for everything you did for Fluffy to try to help her. We love you Fluffy... Tanya, Carlos, Mary, and Timmy

I lost something very important to me this summer, i lost my dear baby
Eyore, I knew that he had a wonderful life with me and my family and he
knew that everyone loved him so much. I lost Eyore in my arms and i will never ever forget the way he used to hop and the way his ears flopped and how he use to garden with me and my mom but we will always love him forever!!!

In memory of Pudgy the guinea pig. Left me and his other furry friends 11-2-04. Everytime he heard me come outside he would start begging for food. Chimi (rabbit) his partner in crime will miss him dearly as well. They always did everything with each other, sleep, eat, play. I will miss you Pudgy, you were my first guinea pig ever and I gave you the best life anybody could have given you.


We lost our beloved baby Piper much too soon in her young life due to an infection discovered while she was being spayed at 5 months old. She fought very hard to live and we were all hoping and praying, but her system never returned to being fully functional. 10 days after the surgery, on 10-3-07, Piper closed her twinkling eyes forever and our hearts were broken. Though we didn't have her for long, she quickly won our hearts with her adorable face and friendly, spunky personality. She was a curious little bunny who never tired of adventure and loved to run around the sofa at top speed, plus do lots of binkies and flying leaps. She loved to be cuddled and pet, and after bonding with our other mini-lop, Pumpkin, became a playful and snuggly companion for him. Piper wprecious in every way and we miss her terribly. Though we're glad she's not suffering, it is really sad that this sweet bunny didn't get to live out a long, happy life here with us. Someday, Piper, we'll meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

We will love you forever, little Piper!

Lisa, Bill and Pumpkin
My Tristan was my heart.He was with me before my husband or children and never were there a pair more bonded than Tristan and myself. We battled malocclusion, reoccurring abscesses, eye ulcers...Our vet called him the "miracle rabbit." It was Tristan's and my battles with his health that drew me back onto my path of veterinary medicine...Someday I will specialize in the exotics and closest
to my heart, the rabbits. And as I was there for him, he was there for me even more often. Oh, how I'll miss my bunny kisses! Meals will never be the same without our bunny under the table waiting for his share. Our home is not without the pitter patter of little bunny feet, there are 4 more here,yet the house seems so quiet without my only lop love. All rabbits have their charm, but, it's not until you love a lop that the true potential of a rabbit is revealed. My darling Tristan became quiet Friday evening and Saturday around midnight he just laid down and said goodbye. It was March 12th 2005. He came into my life April 1st 1998. It was a rainy evening and rolling on the river was playing on the radio. That is a night that I'll always remember, as you always remember the day you met your true love. Good-Bye my darling Trisan. Our love was one that cannot be surpassed.

Your dearest admirer,

Thumper was about 6 yrs old of age when he passed away on April 29, 2004. in this picture hes the all white one. His mate (spectacle or spec), the one above thumper, misses him dearly along with the rest of us. Thumper passed away from GI (gastrointestinal stasis). we were going to take him to the vet first thing in the morning, but it was to late. i feel terrible that he sufferd, and i really do hope that the seithicome we gave him helped ease the pain. if you notice your rabbit not showing there normal eating behavior habbits, please dont hesitate to take them to the vet. i wanted to thank caroline for her help with thumper, and all the bunnybunch members for there concern. we all miss the adorable independent little bunny, and we all loved him so much. atleast now i know he is safe and sound in rainbow bridge with his best buds Bugzzy and Buster.

love always,
brittany poloni, CA
Little Rain went to Rainbow Bridge on September 24, 2004. He will be deeply missed by his family. He was the source of great joy for all of us. Nobody could resist his cute face and adorable personality. Little Rain was the most afftectionate bunny we had. He loved to be held and snuggled into your body to get closer. He was the youngest bunny of the seven bunnies we had. He was our only lop eared bunny. He suffered from GI Stasis and was very bloated which caused him great pain. I could see that he couldn't stand the pain and I knew in my heart that we would probably lose him that night. He is now at peace and will suffer no longer. We love you and miss you sooooo much. We can never replace you, you are one of a kind!
Leilani Ching
NOTE: Please read our article on GI Stasis for those of you who are not familar with it, so you will know what to do if it happens to your rabbit.
To our beloved Buddy, you meant so much to us all. He will be very
missed by his bunny companions and his bunny parents who all loved him very very much. He's no longer in any more pain and we know he's up there in bunny heaven with our Bunz. We'll love and miss you forever.
--Michelle, Leslie, Richard, Rasgal, Floppy, Little Bun, Little Man and the rest of the hutch.

, my big red head girl. Died so suddenly. We miss you, and so does your boyfriend, Zyzyx. (she is pictured here with her first boyfriend, who has also passed away, Mr. Nuts.)

Kim and The Bunnies


For our bunny son Felix who passed away Feb. 24, 2007. We miss you so
much, and we hope you are eating all the raisins and bananas that your
little heart desires in heaven. You will always have a place in our
hearts and we will always be grateful for the time that we got to
spend with you. Thank you for letting us pet you and give you kisses.
We wish we could've had you with us for another 10 years. We love
you Feelers.

All our love,
Chris & Olivia Wallis

Tallulah Belle (above left), the sweetest, kindest girl bunny in the world. Tallulah was onto her second absess surgery and did not pull thru. She put up with months of meds and shots to prevent the second surgery, was always a trooper. She left behind her bunny boyfriend Munka (above right), who misses her as we all do terribly, terribly. I cry for her almost every day.....my heart breaks for her. Kim and the Bunnies

We lost our pal Blackie last August from an abscess that our vet could not get under control no matter how hard we all tried, Blackie fought hard for three months but he lost his fight in August 2003. The whole family misses him so much, and he will always be loved and remembered by us for all of the fun and enjoyment he gave us. We have ten other bunnies who we still enjoy hopefully for many more years.

Snoopy, aka, Snoop Dog

My poor guy. Snoopy narrowly missed death once. He and his brothers and sisters were born at a shelter, Snoopy was the only one of his siblings to live. Caroline with the Bunny Bunch nursed him back to health, and he had lived with his adoptive mom for about a year. Snoopy suddenly went into stasis and did not pull thru. He was a cute guy, and lived next to a girl bunny, Shego, who he had a MAJOR crush on for the last 4 months of his life.
"If he's not there to meet us
We'll know we're not in heaven"
Buddy, a Netherland dwarf who was with us for 10 years (4/22/89 - 4/12/99), who passed away from liver cancer.

Gayle and Mike Shamel

: Part of our family from Fall 2001 to March 23rd, 2004 I found this little girl in a parking lot. I carried her home where she lived happily and freely as our daughter. She brought a lot of love into our lives and will miss her dearly. Rest in Peace Baby Girl.
Marlene Long

left us September 5, 2003. My boyfriend gave him to me for my 19th birthday. I had him for almost 2 years. He's the reason I love rabbits so much.
Carrie Rose, CA.
June 12, 2002 - August 28, 2003
Sweet Sealy, I miss you so much. Your one year in my life will stand out
forever. I know you are happy now, I wish you were down here with me. I
will love you forever, you are still my special Luvbun.

Cameron Osteen, age 12


was my broken lilac mini-rex rabbit She was only 6 weeks old when she left us.She was born July 22nd 2001 and was one of the best bunnies ever.She will always be in my heart.
Silky will always be loved and missed by
This is my sweet little boy, Chuy. He passed away on 5/28/2010 at 5 years old, and I miss him so much Ė my place is too quiet without him. He was going through a really tough time with his teeth, he was on his third trimming when the left side of his teeth popped out, resulting in a fractured jaw and it was a little too much to bounce back from, though I tried everything I could. Iím just glad he is at peace now and resting pain-free. Iíll see you on the other side, buddy. I love you!


My arms are empty
My heart is broken
My mind is full of sorrow
Life left Bigsley's body on March 24th 2010. Caroline Charland


Cocoa Puff
was found alongside Newport Blvd trying to cross over 3 lanes of busy traffic. Alone and scared, I brought him home to care for him until we could find him a forever home. It wasn't long before we knew that home would be our own. He was a lovable and funny little bunny, and stole our hearts the moment we fond him. He only lived with us for 9 short months before our hearts were broken when he went on to heaven. The last words I spoke to him were, "I'll love you forever and a day" as he died in my arms. He taught me how precious bunnies truly are! Rest in Peace my wonderful bunny.

Toki left me far too soon.  Back when I bought her I knew very little about bunnies, and even less about what fragile creatures they really are.  GI stasis is deadly if left untreated, and I only discovered what she had when it was already too late.  I made a lot of mistakes with Toki, and I feel horrible that I only had her for a couple of years.  Although I have since adopted, helped, and rescued several bunnies, I will always feel remorse in my heart for the short time that I had with Toki. -Cruz Andreas
Zaney was one of the sweetest bunnies I have ever know... He just loved other bunnies (boys or girls... it didn't matter)... He was particularly shy of people... But groomed and gazed lovingly at the bunnies.  He was a bunny's bunny... He will be greatly missed... He was just so sweet.  Doreen Chocolate was adopted when he was 5 weeks old. He was so cute and such a good boy when I first saw him at Rabbit Rescue.  He actually allowed me to hold him in my arms without struggling or trying to escape!  I named him Chocolate because of his black fur.  Iíve had him for about 7 months and he had been such a loving, good-tempered, cute bunny and everyone loves him.  He would jump around in the room with his pal Cutie, with his one ear down and one ear up and just looked so adorable.  Itís a difficult day when we lost him on Feb 18, 2010 during his neuter operation; he left us gracefully . We all miss him a lot dearly. Steve Chang


It all started in the April of 2008 when I brought home my first rabbit, Misty. She was so sweet and friendly we went back the next day and got a friend for her. His name was Midnight and he was a black Holland Lop who loved to eat! Misty was all white but with black ears and because she was a hotot-type rabbit, she had gorgeous "eyeliner" around her eyes. They weren't close to being bonded and it took months before they would even sit together. But a year later, they became best friends. When Mistyswas two years old, her right ear got torn but after a vet visit and antibiotics, she was much better. One reason her ear healed so fast was because Midnight would groom it for hours! On the 14th of April, Misty's stomache was making loud gurgling noises and she slept for most of the day. When she was awake, she refused to eat or play. The vets were closed, so I put her in another cage to monitor her. Sometime during the night, Misty got her peace. She passed quietly in the night- with Midnight watching over her. We buried Misty next to our garden, where we planted basil, mint, and lots of other plants. A few days after she died, I was outside picking flowers to put on her grave. I was going to put the flowers on the grave but I saw two doves sitting on it! Quietly, trying not to scare them away, I grabbed a camera to get a picture. I got at least two different pictures befor the two flied away.  Bella and Bob- which I named the doves- visit our backyard again the next day... and made a nest! A couple days later, Bella laid eggs! She spent almost all day in our backyard, too! I visit Misty every day. I even planted strawberries and a fruit tree next to her grave. I give the strawberries and grapefruit leaves to my other bunnies and tell them it was Misty's gift to them. I have six rabbits- Midnight, Hopsy, Rosebun, Cookie Boy, Sterling Mistnight, and Ivy. I miss Misty everyday but I still believe there was a reason the doves were sitting there that day
My beloved Bandit,  i was so Blessed for the 9 years you were in my life. You came into my world as a 8 week old baby and grew into my best buddy and companion !  I miss you so much ....the way you got me up out of bed every morning at 5am for love and ok and FOOD! Yes i do miss the mornings .....  Bear lets me sleep in now and Pepper  has greeted me twice in the bed since you got sick... and yes she still runs off so you can eat first.. this habit will take some time to break. I understand now how you helped me to move forward and celebrate your life... . 24 short hours after you passed i went to starbucks to meet a friend on a friday night in the rain which i would never do any other time...and 20 mins later a young guy tweeking on drugs came in with a 6 week old bunny in his arms...wet and cold from the rain,, no place to live no food or water .... both seemed in need. As i asked about the bunny it was clear this man had no clue what to do or how to care for the little guy. With in seconds i knew this was another 10 year commitment. He said he took him from a apartment 2 days b4 where there were older rabbits running around , he saw snakes... bad odors and red stains on the walls....when he saw the baby bunny he said "I just took him and ran" and for two days has been wondering the streets of west hollywood. When i asked... he freely gave him to me wet and cold from the rain this new life was delivered. He already seems to be acting like you and loves your condo and learned to use the steps and litter box perfectly. All i can say is God works in ways which i should never question....and you my dear Bandit will be in my heart forever through my memories and every time i look into the eyes of Pepper and Bear and now in the Spirit of Dugan. ( Bandit don't laugh its my grandmothers nick name). Bandit loved life ! Thank you for trusting me with yours! Say hi to Tumbleweed .....i will think of you both everyday until we meet again in Neverland my sweet Angels!
Bandit Jan 26 2001 - Feb 4 2010. Survived by Brother Bear (the cat who only licked you),Sister Pepper (the bunny who only licked you),
and your Human Guardian,I LOVE YOU!  Bandit Celebrated his 9th Birthday with all you can eat pellets and had many treats...!    He died from a tumor in the chest which lead to heart failure. He was in my lap when he passed.......John Terlingo


Just this side of Heaven, is a place called Rainbow Bridge...

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.



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